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Natural latex mattresses

Natural latex mattresses

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100% natural latex core, with pure wool mattress topper, our mattresses combine all the benefits of wool (breathable and regulating) with all the benefits of genuine natural latex (flexibility and resilience).

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Make the choice of organic cotton

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Certification Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

Revolana mattresses are made with GOTS certified high quality fabrics. Conventional cotton is the most polluting crop in the world and is almost all GMO. GOTS certifies cotton is organic and its processing is not using toxic substances while being socially responsible. Organic cotton improves soil health, water quality and biodiversity. Using GOTS fabrics protect you and everybody else.

Organic cotton is not genetically modified and does not contain any pesticides. It respects people and nature.

Organic cotton is not genetically modified and does not contain any pesticides. It respects people and nature.

Warranty and maintenance

Your mattress is guaranteed 5 years against any defect or sagging above normal.

It is important to regularly aerate the bedroom with opened window and mattress uncovered. A mattress protector is always a good addition in order to keep the mattress clean from any stains.

One size cannot fit all

If you need a special format for your mattress, don't hesitate to contact us and ask. We can do it all.

Ott system mattress custom sizes
Ott system mattress custom sizes

Made in the heart of Eastern Europe

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Revolana natural mattresses are proudly made in Serbia by Ecovolve

Our natural latex mattresses are made in Serbia to the highest standard using high quality latex cores from Belgium, the best organic cotton fabrics and fine wool from Serbia. We are proud to make the best natural mattress in Serbia with passion and love.

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