Mattress Zepto 14cm, 100% natural latex 5-zones
Mattress Zepto 14cm, 100% natural latex 5-zones
Mattress Zepto 14cm, 100% natural latex 5-zones
Mattress Zepto 14cm, 100% natural latex 5-zones

Mattress Zepto 14cm, 100% natural latex 5-zones

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Zepto is a 100% natural mattress that is ideal to complement Ott Système ergonomic slat system. Its 12cm thick natural latex core is just the right thickness to follow the curves of the slat system underneath. It can also be used standalone for a kid or a very light person with a weight below 50kg. The quilting in wool or organic cotton provides a breathable layer that regulates the body moisture during the night.

  • 80x200x14cm
  • 90x200x14cm
  • 100x200x14cm
  • 140x200x14cm
  • 160x200x14cm
  • 180x200x14cm
  • 200x200x14cm
  • Wool (1kg/sqm)
  • Cotton (500g/sqm)
  • Not quilted
  • Medium
  • Firm
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Zepto is an all-natural high-end mattress that will be the companion of your nights for a long time. Combined with our ergonomic slat system, it is the very best option you can find for the comfort of your nights. Forget the various pains you may have when getting up and discover the experience of sleeping on a fully natural ergonomic sleep system.

12cm thick, 100% natural latex 5-zones core

100% natural latex is a natural rubber foam obtained from the vulcanization of the rubber milk. Rubber milk is produced by the rubber tree that grows in Southern Asia. Pure natural latex makes the most comfortable and the most durable mattresses, completely free from any synthetic material and from volatile organic compounds (VOC). The thickness of this mattress is perfect to be combined with Ott Système ergonomic slat system. It can also be used on any type of bed for kids or persons weighting below 50kg.

The 5-zones latex core provides adapted firmness for each part of the body hence giving greater comfort. Each zone is anatomically distributed to give the best suited support where it is needed.

Choice of firmness

The mattress is available in two firmness. Medium will be preferred for lighter people below 70 to 80kg while firm will be perfect for people above that weight. The choice of firmness is also a personal one. Some people prefer softer comfort while others will opt for firmer one. The choice may depend of what you are used to.

Mattresses with a width above or equal to 140cm, may be offered with 2 latex cores assembled to make one in one single mattress cover. It is therefore possible to have one medium side and one firm side. For that option, choose the firm version and just add a comment to your order to precise that you want a medium side.

Organic cotton covers

The latex core is protected in a first cover made of 100% organic cotton, GOTS certified jersey. The mattress cover is made in a 100% organic cotton, sturdy GOTS certified fabric. All fabrics are unbleached and undyed in the natural color of cotton.

Quilted integrated mattress topper

The mattress topper is essential for the regulation of the humidity and the temperature of the body. Wool is the best choice for all its characteristics. If wool cannot be chosen for some reason, 100% organic cotton felt is also available. A non-quilted version may be chosen for placing on the mattress another mattress topper or for people already equipped with a mattress topper.

Custom sizes

Zepto mattress can be made available in others sizes than the standard ones offered above. Length of 210cm or 220cm are possible. Please contact us for any specific demand.

Care and maintenance

It is important to regularly let the bedroom aerate with the window opened and the mattress uncovered. A mattress protector is always a good addition to the mattress in order to keep it clean from stains. In case of necessity, it is possible to hand wash the mattress covers. The mattress can be opened and everything is accessible to be washed or cleaned.


The mattress is warrantied for 5 years against any sagging above normal.

Additional information

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Dimensions N/A

GOTS, Oeko-Tex 100


100% organic cotton


100% natural latex

Origin materials

Fabric from Turkey, Latex from Belgium, Wool from Serbia

Size (Mattresses)

80x200x14cm, 90x200x14cm, 100x200x14cm, 140x200x14cm, 160x200x14cm, 180x200x14cm, 200x200x14cm





Natural latex, Organic cotton


Wool (1kg/sqm), Wool (500g/sqm), Cotton (500g/sqm), Not quilted


Medium, Firm

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