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Biodom shop in Arandjelovac is now fully opened

29/01/2024 - News

Our shop in Arandjelovac in finally fully opened. It is located in the same building as our production on the main road leading to Arandjelovac. Large signs outside make it impossible to miss. The shop offers the complete line of merino wool garments from Tigil. It is also possible to try our 100% natural latex mattresses as well as all products from Revolana.

Biodom participated to the running event "1300 kaplara" in Arandjelovac

19/09/2023 - Events

On saturday 16th of september, Biodom has the great pleasure to participate in the running event "1300 kaplara" in Arandjelovac with the brand Tigil.

Ecovolve starts a collaboration with Jovica Spajić for designing Tigil sport gears

23/06/2021 - News

Jovica Spajić, captain of the Serbian ultra marathon national team, is one of the best ultra runners in the world. He is a legend on its own right. He has already participated in the toughest ultra running races that exist on the planet and has claimed many victories. We are so very proud that he committed to work with us to produce pro sport gears in Serbia under the Tigil brand.

Ecovolve partners with PSS for the promotion of Tigil and outdoor

24/11/2020 - News

Ecovolve launched its new line of technical sport gears in merino wool (under the Tigil brand) that is all made in Serbia. Because of their incredible properties, base layers and technical socks made of merino wool are the most searched items for outdoor sports. Having these products 100% made in Serbia deserves to be known. This is why Ecovolve is proud to announce a partnership with PSS (Planinarski savez Srbije) which is the Mountaineering association of Serbia that federates all mountaineering organizations and clubs in the country.

Great success for Biodom in front of Rajiceva

27/11/2019 - Events

Last saturday, Ecovolve was presenting its products in front of Rajićeva Shopping Center for the fair "Bonjour France". It was a fresh and windy day in which the Košava decided to take part. Nevertheless, it was also a busy day with many people stopping by.

Where are sales?

15/10/2019 - News

In previous years, we have succumbed to the pressure of offering sales in our former web shop. For Biodom, after reviewing all of our regular prices down, we no longer offer sales. We think it is better to offer a fair price all year long than an overvalued price that is significantly reduced during sales.

Ecovolve is nominated for Aurea 2019

14/03/2019 - News

Ecovolve has entered in the short list of 8 finalists for the yearly innovation competition Aurea 2019. Aurea is a competition that is organized each year since 2009 to award the most innovative and promising project of the year in Serbia.

Company Ecovolve manufacturing Revolana in Serbia featured in Srpska Ekonomija

07/03/2019 - News

Ecovolve, the company manufacturing and distributing Revolana in Serbia, has been featured in the last edition of the magazine Srpska Ekonomija. Srpska Ekonomija is a monthly business magazine on Serbian economy, launched in 2016. In the number 19, they had an article on family business in which Ecovolve was given as an example, as 4 member of the same family work in the company.

Ecovolve and Revolana featured in Ekapija

30/11/2018 - News

Ecovolve, which manufactures and distributes Revolana in Serbia, was featured in the online business magazine Ekapija following its participation to the Belgrade Furniture Fair.