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Discover Serbia : Gradac Monastery

28/05/2021 - Miscellanous

Gradac monastery is yet another beautiful restored monastery in a fabulous natural setting. It is located at the border of the Golija natural park surrounded by luxurious vegetation and hills. It is inviting to take a break and enjoy the scenery. The monastery was built from 1277 to 1282 by Helen of Anjou, the wife of king Uroš I. It was devastated and abandoned for centuries before to be finally rebuilt during 1963–1975.

Discover Serbia : Uvac Monastery

24/05/2021 - Miscellanous

Uvac Monastery is located deep in the canyon of the Uvac river. It is very remote and not so easy to access but its visit is an incredibly rewarding experience as both the monastery and its surrounding are of mesmerizing beauty. A dirt road, going 500m downhill, zigzags more than 4 km towards the monastery. It is better done on foot or with a 4x4 car.

Discover Serbia : Rujan Monastery

22/05/2021 - Miscellanous

Rujan Monastery is located on the top of a hill overseeing lake Vrutci. From the monastery, the view on the lake is beautiful and the general setting is spectacular. Rujan Monastery is actually a reconstruction of the former Rujno monastery, destroyed by the Ottomans because it held one of the first printing house in the Balkans. The ruins were submerged by lake Vrutci in 1984.

Discover Serbia : Ćelije Monastery

21/05/2021 - Miscellanous

We are starting a serie of articles on the beauties of Serbia. Amongst them, the numerous monasteries represent an incredible national treasure for Serbia. In this article, we visit the Ćelije Monastery, a beautiful hidden gem, nested on the hills south of Valjevo.