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Product presentation

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Discover Baikal, a new line of sport socks in merino wool

24/09/2020 - Product presentation

Baikal is a new line of high quality technical sport socks in merino wool under the Tigil brand. They've been perfected for many months to offer the right blend of durability and performances. These socks are soft on the feet, they breath and regulate moisture and temperature and they don't let bacteria causing bad smells develop. In short, they are the perfect socks for action.

Discover why linen is so fantastic to sleep on

27/10/2019 - Product presentation

Linen is an ancient fiber that was widely used before cotton and synthetic fibers took over. Today, linen makes a fantastic come back as a luxury and ecological fiber. Gone are the days of the rough linen bed sheets from our grandmothers. Fresh in summer and warm in winter, linen provides unparalleled sleeping comfort.