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Biodom shop in Arandjelovac is now fully opened

29/01/2024 - News

Our shop in Arandjelovac in finally fully opened. It is located in the same building as our production on the main road leading to Arandjelovac. Large signs outside make it impossible to miss. The shop offers the complete line of merino wool garments from Tigil. It is also possible to try our 100% natural latex mattresses as well as all products from Revolana.

Biodom participated to the running event "1300 kaplara" in Arandjelovac

19/09/2023 - Events

On saturday 16th of september, Biodom has the great pleasure to participate in the running event "1300 kaplara" in Arandjelovac with the brand Tigil.

Ecovolve starts a collaboration with Jovica Spajić for designing Tigil sport gears

23/06/2021 - News

Jovica Spajić, captain of the Serbian ultra marathon national team, is one of the best ultra runners in the world. He is a legend on its own right. He has already participated in the toughest ultra running races that exist on the planet and has claimed many victories. We are so very proud that he committed to work with us to produce pro sport gears in Serbia under the Tigil brand.

Discover Serbia : Gradac Monastery

28/05/2021 - Miscellanous

Gradac monastery is yet another beautiful restored monastery in a fabulous natural setting. It is located at the border of the Golija natural park surrounded by luxurious vegetation and hills. It is inviting to take a break and enjoy the scenery. The monastery was built from 1277 to 1282 by Helen of Anjou, the wife of king Uroš I. It was devastated and abandoned for centuries before to be finally rebuilt during 1963–1975.

Discover Serbia : Uvac Monastery

24/05/2021 - Miscellanous

Uvac Monastery is located deep in the canyon of the Uvac river. It is very remote and not so easy to access but its visit is an incredibly rewarding experience as both the monastery and its surrounding are of mesmerizing beauty. A dirt road, going 500m downhill, zigzags more than 4 km towards the monastery. It is better done on foot or with a 4x4 car.

Discover Serbia : Rujan Monastery

22/05/2021 - Miscellanous

Rujan Monastery is located on the top of a hill overseeing lake Vrutci. From the monastery, the view on the lake is beautiful and the general setting is spectacular. Rujan Monastery is actually a reconstruction of the former Rujno monastery, destroyed by the Ottomans because it held one of the first printing house in the Balkans. The ruins were submerged by lake Vrutci in 1984.

Discover Serbia : Ćelije Monastery

21/05/2021 - Miscellanous

We are starting a serie of articles on the beauties of Serbia. Amongst them, the numerous monasteries represent an incredible national treasure for Serbia. In this article, we visit the Ćelije Monastery, a beautiful hidden gem, nested on the hills south of Valjevo.

Ecovolve partners with PSS for the promotion of Tigil and outdoor

24/11/2020 - News

Ecovolve launched its new line of technical sport gears in merino wool (under the Tigil brand) that is all made in Serbia. Because of their incredible properties, base layers and technical socks made of merino wool are the most searched items for outdoor sports. Having these products 100% made in Serbia deserves to be known. This is why Ecovolve is proud to announce a partnership with PSS (Planinarski savez Srbije) which is the Mountaineering association of Serbia that federates all mountaineering organizations and clubs in the country.

Discover Baikal, a new line of sport socks in merino wool

24/09/2020 - Product presentation

Baikal is a new line of high quality technical sport socks in merino wool under the Tigil brand. They've been perfected for many months to offer the right blend of durability and performances. These socks are soft on the feet, they breath and regulate moisture and temperature and they don't let bacteria causing bad smells develop. In short, they are the perfect socks for action.

Great success for Biodom in front of Rajiceva

27/11/2019 - Events

Last saturday, Ecovolve was presenting its products in front of Rajićeva Shopping Center for the fair "Bonjour France". It was a fresh and windy day in which the Košava decided to take part. Nevertheless, it was also a busy day with many people stopping by.

Sajam "Bonjour France", Rajićeva Shopping Center on 23/11

18/11/2019 - Events

Saturday 23rd of November 2019, from 10am to 8pm, Ecovolve will participate to the fair "Bonjour France" organized by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the esplanade of the Rajićeva Shopping Center. Tigil wool products and Revolana accessories will be presented and the online shop Biodom will be advertised.

Belgrade Furniture Fair 2019 is open

05/11/2019 - Events

Company Ecovolve, manufacturer of Revolana, is at the Belgrade Furniture Fair in Hall 4, stand number 4057, for the next 6 days. New bed models, new mattresses and new bed linens are on display. You are welcome to visit us.

Discover why linen is so fantastic to sleep on

27/10/2019 - Product presentation

Linen is an ancient fiber that was widely used before cotton and synthetic fibers took over. Today, linen makes a fantastic come back as a luxury and ecological fiber. Gone are the days of the rough linen bed sheets from our grandmothers. Fresh in summer and warm in winter, linen provides unparalleled sleeping comfort.

Where are sales?

15/10/2019 - News

In previous years, we have succumbed to the pressure of offering sales in our former web shop. For Biodom, after reviewing all of our regular prices down, we no longer offer sales. We think it is better to offer a fair price all year long than an overvalued price that is significantly reduced during sales.

Ecovolve at the Belgrade Furniture Fair 2019

30/09/2019 - Events

Company Ecovolve, manufacturer of Revolana, will be presenting the 2 brands at the next Belgrade Furniture Fair taking place in in Beogradski sajam from tuesday 5th to sunday 10th November, 2019. Ecovolve boot will be located in Hall 4, number 4057.

Video of the manufacturing of fluffy woolen waddings

24/09/2019 - Learning

The manufacture of fluffy woolen waddings, which are used in Revolana pure wool duvets, is carried out in several stages. It all starts with the preparation of the wool to continue with the carding and the crossing of the wadding. Finally comes the parallelization of the wadding on a machine that you will probably see nowhere else.

Video of the wool scouring in Vučje for Revolana

22/09/2019 - Learning

The scouring of wool used in Revolana products is carried out in Vučje near Leskovac. Here we see the different stages from sorting greasy wool, passing through the opener, soaking and washing. After drying, the wool is ready to be packed. Scouring is done with a Belgian machine from 1942 with a very pure spring water.

The steps of making a pure new wool duvet

22/09/2019 - Learning

The manufacturing of a pure wool quilt is done in several stages that involve several machines and know-how. We open the doors of our workshop to show the realization of these steps by our production team in Belgrade.

Video of the manufacturing of a pure wool quilt Revolana

20/09/2019 - Learning

The manufacturing of a Revolana pure wool duvet is a multi-stage craft work. From the cutting of the fabric to the packaging, and the quilting on the frame. Company Ecovolve shows all this work in a video filmed in its production workshop in Borca - Belgrade.

The scouring of wool in Serbia for Revolana products

19/09/2019 - Learning

In Revolana products, we use sheep wool from Serbia. This wool is collected from many small farmers in southern Serbia. Its scouring is done locally in Vučje near Leskovac. It is artisanal, on a small scale, with pure spring water with little limestone.

Award ceremony of the investment of the Year in Serbia – Aurea 2019

04/04/2019 - Events

On march 28th, Ecovolve was present at the award ceremony, Aurea 2019, that prized the investment of the year in Serbia, as it was amongst the 8 nominees. Competition was fierce and the prize was won by a large investment of 34 millions euros in a brand new factory for baby food.

Ecovolve is featured in the serbian magazine Hoteli & Restorani

04/04/2019 - Learning

Hoteli & Restorani is a B2B magazine distributed in over 3,000 addresses of exclusive catering facilities in Belgrade, Novi Sad, as well as in other major cities and tourist centers (spa, mountains) in Serbia. Ecovolve has been featured in the edition 11th as it offers the first natural bedding solution in Serbia that is particularly well suited as a complete superior solution for hotels.

Ecovolve is nominated for Aurea 2019

14/03/2019 - News

Ecovolve has entered in the short list of 8 finalists for the yearly innovation competition Aurea 2019. Aurea is a competition that is organized each year since 2009 to award the most innovative and promising project of the year in Serbia.

Company Ecovolve manufacturing Revolana in Serbia featured in Srpska Ekonomija

07/03/2019 - News

Ecovolve, the company manufacturing and distributing Revolana in Serbia, has been featured in the last edition of the magazine Srpska Ekonomija. Srpska Ekonomija is a monthly business magazine on Serbian economy, launched in 2016. In the number 19, they had an article on family business in which Ecovolve was given as an example, as 4 member of the same family work in the company.

In search of the perfect sleep system, article in Galen pharm

01/03/2019 - Learning

Galen pharm is a bimonthly informational magazine on health, distributed in pharmacies in Serbia. In the last edition, number 26 for the months of March and April, an article from Jean-Claude Ott explains the rational and the importance of natural bed systems on health and well being.

Ecovolve and Revolana featured in Ekapija

30/11/2018 - News

Ecovolve, which manufactures and distributes Revolana in Serbia, was featured in the online business magazine Ekapija following its participation to the Belgrade Furniture Fair.

Ecovolve presents Revolana at the Belgrade Furniture Fair

07/11/2018 - Events

The international furniture fair in Belgrade started last Tuesday and continues until Sunday 11 November. Ecovolve is there for the launch and presentation of Revolana in Serbia. The stand with its elegant and refined design was noticed and the 3 beds of our partners from Alsace made for this occasion triggered interest.

The problem of dust mites in bedding

03/03/2018 - Learning

Dust mites are small microscopic animals that feed on our squames. They live as close as possible to their food source, that is to say on or in the upper part of the mattress. They are a nuisance that must be kept under control.