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Biodom is the official shop from the manufacturer of the brand Tiigil and Revolana.

What is Biodom ?

The Serbian company Ecovolve, established by Milena and Lionel Mestre, takes pride in manufacturing two lines of natural products exclusively within Serbia. Our first line, Tigil, offers performance sport clothes and casual wear crafted from merino wool. The second line, Revolana, features organic bedding and natural latex mattresses. All of our production is based in Arandjelovac.

Biodom serves as our official shop where you can discover all the products from our two brands, directly sourced from us the manufacturer. Beyond this online store, we also invite you to explore our showroom and shop situated in our production facility in Arandjelovac.

Our small story

Milena and Lionel Mestre first crossed paths in the vibrant city of Vancouver, British Columbia, in the late nineties. United by their common goals, they made the choice to relocate to France and pursue their careers in their chosen field. Following a series of moves, their journey led them to the vicinity of Geneva, where they dedicated their expertise to contributing to the endeavors of CERN and WHO.

Beodom – moving to Serbia

In 2006, Milena and Lionel embraced a bold decision, leaving the comfort of their life near Geneva to embark on a new adventure in Serbia. They ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing the company Beodom (with the letter e), focusing on constructing ecological low-energy buildings. From 2007 to 2011, Beodom successfully completed the construction of the first two low-energy buildings in Serbia, featuring natural thermal insulation powered by solar and geothermal energy. Despite winning an award in 2009, the challenges posed by the 2008 crisis complicated the construction landscape. In response, Milena and Lionel opted for a new venture back in France.

Ecovolve France and Revolana – moving back to France

Driven by a commitment to sustainable development and their dedication to Serbia, Milena and Lionel established the company Ecovolve in France. Specializing in the manufacturing of natural bedding accessories, the production process involved skilled craftsmanship in Serbia, with additional work in France using wool transformed in Belgium. Thus, the brand Revolana came into existence in 2012, marking the commencement of sales in France.

Ecovolve Serbia and ergonomic bedding – moving back to Serbia

The discovery of wool producers and transformers in Serbia opened up new possibilities for utilizing Serbian wool in all Revolana products. Consequently, in 2015, Ecovolve was established in Serbia to oversee the entire production process of Revolana items. Following impactful collaborations, Milena and Lionel created a new line of products, introducing a comprehensive ergonomic natural bedding solution. In partnership with others, they founded the brand Ott Système and coordinated the manufacturing of all components in Serbia. As the production in Serbia flourished, it became evident that the scope of work there surpassed that in France. This realization prompted Milena and Lionel to make the decision to relocate back to Serbia in 2018.

Tigil – Feel Better, Go Further

The decision to relocate to Serbia was also fueled by a long-held aspiration: bringing to life a project close to their hearts in creating natural sport and casual wear using merino wool. This vision materialized with the inception of the new brand, Tigil, dedicated to crafting merino wool clothing in Serbia. To kickstart the project, they began with socks and accessories, making them available in organic stores across France. This initial step paved the way for the development of a comprehensive line of base and mid layers, embodying the range that Tigil proudly offers today.

Biodom – connecting the dots

biodom logo

As manufacturers of a diverse range of products (Revolana and Tigil), all proudly crafted in Serbia, the need arose for a centralized hub facilitating direct sales to clients in Serbia. Thus, the idea of Biodom was conceived—a concept primarily embodied by this online store complemented by our physical shop in Arandjelovac.

Brands from Ecovolve

revolana logo

Since 2012, Revolana offers a complete range of healthy and natural bedding solutions. Revolana exclusively employs natural materials, including natural latex, wool, and organic cotton, to craft mattresses, pillows, duvets, bedding, and everything essential for creating a cozy and comfortable bed.
Revolana web site

tigil logo

Tigil embodies a commitment to reintroducing natural materials into sportswear and garments. Embracing qualities such as healthiness, breathability, and durability, Tigil products not only deliver performance but also sustainable comfort and well-being. Elevate your experience, feel better, and go further with Tigil.
Tigil web site

About the creators of Biodom

Milena Gojković-Mestre and Lionel Mestre, creators of Biodom
Milena Gojković-Mestre and Lionel Mestre, creators of Biodom

Biodom has been created by Milena Gojković-Mestre and Lionel Mestre.

Milena Gojković-Mestre holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Information Technology. With a wealth of international experience in IT, she has contributed her expertise in various countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Canada, France, and Switzerland. Currently, as the director of the company Ecovolve in Serbia, Milena efficiently oversees the day-to-day operations and manufacturing.

Lionel Mestre is a holder of a Master’s degree in Information Technology. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, he accumulated over a decade of experience in the IT field, working across various countries, including the UK, South Africa, Germany, Canada, France, and Switzerland. Currently serving as the director of Ecovolve in France, Lionel oversees both online and offline communication for all companies and brands under his purview.