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Maja – winter pure new wool duvet, 600g/m²
Maja – winter pure new wool duvet, 600g/m²
Maja – winter pure new wool duvet, 600g/m²
Maja – winter pure new wool duvet, 600g/m²

Maja – winter pure new wool duvet, 600g/m²

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Winter pure new wool quilt to stay nicely warm and sleep comfortably thanks to the temperature and moisture regulation of the wool. Filling is 600g/m² (comfortable for non heated room from 17ºC and below) with a 100% organic cotton envelope in high-end percale fabric 94 threads/cm². Completely natural duvet that provides a guaranteed well-being.

  • 140x200cm
  • 200x200cm
  • 240x220cm
  • 260x240cm
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Craft production

Revolana wool duvets are crafted on frame in our workshop in Belgrade, Serbia. The wool comes from mid-mountain sheep in southern Serbia. The wool is scoured locally with non-calcareous spring water in a machine with successive baths which ensures a slow and very efficient washing.

Quality puffing wool

The wool of mountain sheep is puffing and curly. It is ideal for making duvets. After scouring wool, the fluffy woolen waddings found in the quilts are made. We work with 2 successive carders to keep only the long fibers and have an exceptional quality of woolen waddings.

Organic cotton cover

The duvet cover is made of high end organic cotton percale fabric with 94 threads/cm² (standard percale quality starts with 80 threads/cm²).

The benefits of pure new wool duvets

This pure new wool duvet offers unmatched sleep comfort. Thanks to the breathable properties of wool, the pure wool quilt allows the body to breathe and wick away moisture throughout the night. The warmth of the pure wool duvet is pleasant and healthy. Wool is naturally a very unfavorable breeding ground for dust mite as it is a dry and abrasive environment.


Wool breathes and take care of itself. The pure wool duvet doesn’t need washing every year like one in synthetic material. On the contrary, it can be used for years without any special care but regular airing. It must be protected with a duvet cover and possibly an additional flat sheet. To remove a stain, it is possible to wash it locally with soapy water or with soda bicarbonate. For an integral wash if it was really necessary, it can be done by hand or given to the dry cleaning (ecological if possible).

Duo duvet: 2 duvets in 1 for the 260x240cm format

The duvet 260x240cm is made of 2 parts which consists of two duvets in 135x240cm format connected with a zipper. The duo duvet can be used as a single large size duvet in a duvet cover size 260x240cm, or as 2 separate ones. It is equally suitable for people who prefer a single duvet for 2 or those who prefer to have their own.

Duo duvet in size 260x240cm.
Duo duvet in size 260x240cm.

Why this name ?

In Serbian, the letter J is pronounced like a Y. Maja is therefore pronounced as Maya. Maja (Maja in Cyrillic) is a mountain between Kosovo and Montenegro whose highest peak culminates at 2465m.

Additional information

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GOTS, Oeko-Tex 100


Pure new wool fluffy waddings

Origin materials

Fabric from Pakistan, Wool from Serbia


Dry cleaning, Hand wash (wool)

Size (Bedding)

140x200cm, 200x200cm, 240x220cm, 260x240cm





Organic cotton

How to choose the size of the duvet or duvet cover based on the size of the mattress

Mattress size Size of the duvet or duvet cover
70x140cm (kid) 100x140cm
100x200cm 200x200cm
160x200cm 240x220cm
180x200cm 260x240cm
200x200cm 2 x 140x200cm

When two sizes of duvet are indicated, it means that both sizes are suitable. You can choose according to your preference. The larger size will provide more drape on each side of the bed, the smaller size will be sufficient and lighter.

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Since 2012, Revolana offers a complete range of healthy and natural bedding accessories. Revolana only uses natural materials to make pillows, duvets, bedding and everything needed for being cosy in the bed. It is a brand of the company Ecovolve.

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