Discover why linen is so fantastic to sleep on

Discover why linen is so fantastic to sleep on

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Product presentation - 27/10/2019

Linen is an ancient fiber that was widely used before cotton and synthetic fibers took over. Today, linen makes a fantastic come back as a luxury and ecological fiber. Gone are the days of the rough linen bed sheets from our grandmothers. Fresh in summer and warm in winter, linen provides unparalleled sleeping comfort.

Linen is an ancient, noble and ecological fabric

Linen is a durable natural fiber derived from the flax plant. Its story is intimately related to that of men. Fragments of fibers dating back to 40,000 BC were found. Its cultivation requires little nitrogen and very little or no phytosanitary treatments. There is no GMO flax. Flax, even non-organic, is an ecological crop. To go from the plant to the yarn, the processes are natural (retting), and mechanical (scutching). Its culture, as its transformation, are therefore not using much water and energy.

A choice of origin

Europe, notably France and Belgium, are the first producers of scutched flax in the world. Sadly, there is no longer any spinning mill there. The last ones in Europe are located in Poland and Hungary. Belarus is the second largest producer of flax in the world and the third largest for scutched flax for yarn. It has maintained spinning and weaving in a historical company that produces pure linen fabrics of high quality. Revolana linen products, that you can find on Biodom, use fabrics from Belarus. Besides, linen is mostly spun in China.

Linen versus cotton

Flax fiber is derived from the middle of the plant. It is naturally thicker than cotton fibers. A pure linen fabric has a number of threads per square centimeters generally between 30 and 60 (which would be considered low for a cotton fabric). However, even with a lower thread count, linen fabric is stronger and offers superior quality that lasts over time. Successive washing make linen softer and better.

A fresh or warm contact, pleasant in any season

In the cold season, linen bed sheets gives a warm touch even in an unheated room. Very different from the glacial touch cotton can have. In the hot season, it stays fresh and pleasant. In fact, linen is ideal in any season.

A superior fabric

The linen proposed on Biodom is woven with fine linen yarn that offers a soft touch. Hypoallergenic, it gives a feeling of well being. Its airy texture lets air circulate, absorbs moisture and dries quickly. It is a healthy material that soon becomes indispensable once tried.

Washed linen for ease

Linen usually shrinks by 5 to 7% on the first wash and gets much softer. For this reason, it is very common to offer pre-washed linen as we do on Biodom. The confection is planned with a larger size so that the final size, once the linen is washed, is the one expected to be. Plus the linen softens with the first wash and even more with each successive wash.

That is the way we can deliver a product of the right size, that does not shrink, that is ready to reach your bed and that will become softer over time. It will remain, however, indestructible, extremely resistant, without deforming or fluffing.


Linen is machine washable at 60°C and can be tumble dried by choosing a “ready-to-iron” type program that leaves the fiber still a little damp. Drying too much damages the flax fiber. If possible, drying in the open air is quick and avoids creasing. It is of course possible to iron linen but the advantage of this fiber is that it is very elegant even without ironing. The slightly crumpled linen gives a touch of authenticity and simplicity that can be of the best effect.

For regular washing of dyed linen, it is much better to wash at 40°C to preserve colors.